Your therapy experience is largely based on a relationship of trust between you and I. My office is a warm, safe and confidential setting where we can build that trust. Once we have that, the various therapies and approaches I have can be used together to help you bring about change and heal and resolve issues and stuck places.

My areas of specialty are shown below please feel free to look into any of them further. Hover over the three service areas below and click on titles to learn more.

Brain Health Program

We know enough about the relationship between : Overall Health, Brain Health, and Mental Health that we really shouldn't ignore them anymore. I would like to help you pay attention to these important parts of your life when you come for therapy. We don't want undetected biological issues standing in the way of getting better. If you are interested in learning more about these issues and how they may affect you, please read further.

Individual Counseling

  • I will work to find your comfort zone
  • We can work together to create lasting change
  • Challenges start to seem normal - we can change that
  • Change can happen, I've seen it over and over
  • Why not give it a try?
There are many different paths to getting stronger and healthier. I know that the approach has to work for each person and that it's important to have the flexibility to listen to each person, what they need, and how they think. From working to respect the inherent process coming out of a person and following it’s lead, to using the latest on specific, targeted brain research based interventions, I have seen different patients thrive under different approaches.

Relationship Counseling

  • Couples get locked into reacting negatively to each other
  • You each have different emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • We unlock the triggers that lead to anger and conflict
  • Each of you has a right to feel what you are feeling
  • Communication is paramount
  • I will listen to you both - this is a team effort
Give your relationship the best chance to recover and thrive. I have studied many of the "schools of relationship therapy" and found they all have strengths and weaknesses. It's more important to match the therapy to the person and the couple, than it is to force feed the therapy approach. You both will need to be willing to try something different and change your view of what the problem is, maybe you are not seeing the whole picture. You will need to step back from your emotions, even when you are very upset or hurt, and really listen each other.