Options for Diagnosis

Assess Biological Factors: A vital component of your mental health workup.

I recommend everyone consider this.

Because the state of the body physiologically often affects the way the brain functions, and therefore impacts your mood and state of mind. Because of that, we have a simple test to identify potential issues. Fee is $10.00 to set it up and process. This system can identify more subtle health issues that are impacting you and could slow progress in therapy. Generally these are things that are amenable to lifestyle change and a little bit of effort. It improves your overall health and sometimes removes an underlying cause that has nothing to do with psychology.

To request further information, email Gary.

Brain Activity Map: This is a significant extra that you may be interested in.

You can elect for a Brain Map which will give you an in depth picture of your issues from a brain based perspective. It can help clarify a diagnosis, it can help in pinpointing the right medication, and it can set you up for neurofeedback if that is your goal.

Fee for an EEG and basic report is $250.

More detailed or specific reports at your request are additional and can be discussed.
To request further information, email Gary.

Progress During Treatment: A simple online progress tracker you can use.

We offer a progress tracking feature through an online system. This is a great little feature. Once signed up, you can take these online surveys that yield graphs showing your progress in chosen areas. They are highly customizable and you can use them on your own to have an objective measure of your progress and of which areas are improving.

Fee is $10 to set up the tracking system for indefinite use.

To request further information, email Gary.