Welcome New Patients

Here's How To Get Started

Feel free to look around the site and get any information you would like. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please call me to discuss at (845) 876 - 1378.

I always make a personal contact by phone before setting an initial appointment. Once we have spoken, if we decide to go forward, you can follow the steps below to get started.

Next Steps


Phase One: Registration

This should be done before your first appointment.
  1. Download these directions, and then register here on the new patient portal.
  2. Download here and sign the basic agreement. Please print out, sign and bring the agreement with you to our first meeting.
  3. Check with your insurance to confirm everything is in order. Click here to get a list of questions to ask your insurance company.
  4. Bring your insurance card and a picture ID along with the above and we should be set.
Any questions, please email me – gbbh@hvc.rr.com.

Phase Two - Take Online Survey

Usually done after the first or second appointment. Please click here for directions.

Once you have downloaded these directions, please click link

This will take you to a site where you can answer some online surveys that will help us take a look at how your health may or may not be impacting your mental and emotional functioning. Use the same password you used to register and enter the patient portal.

There may be a few different surveys you will fill out, to be determined after I meet you. Follow the instructions you downloaded to fill out a survey (or 2) and to choose a lifestyle change or addition.