Neurofeedback is brain training.

It is a technology based therapy where you get to pursue targeted changes in your overall brain activity patterns. Neurofeedback is brain training. It is a technology based therapy where you get to pursue targeted changes in your overall brain activity patterns. These are of course changes that help you to function and feel better.

The brain is understood to be made up of numerous networks of neurons and functional areas that “come on line” together firing simultaneously and at specific rates. It is these coordinated bursts of activity that underlie the functioning of the brain and therefore the emotions, perceptions, thoughts and sense of self and the world.

The discovery that people can change various parameters of these firing patterns, when they are given reinforcement or reward for doing so, has led to the field of neurofeedback. It is an individualized treatment where you learn how to alter your brains activity and in a sense tune up the brain.

It is individualized because the first step to get a mapping – which is an EEG based imaging and analysis of your brains particular patterns, to see what is unique about your brain, and where it may be mis-attuned. For example look at this excerpt from a recent brain mapping:


The subject under consideration shows a brain that is working too hard in some areas, and needing to compensate by slowing down in others – note all the blue in the second row. We might expect a little depression, and also being out of touch with how he feels about things in his environment. But he can probably focus and achieve tasks pretty well.

If you were to get a map (Technically called a Quantitative Electro Encephalogram or QEEG), it would show your own unique signatures. Each map shows the impacts of life over time with all the stresses, illnesses, and difficulties as well as the achievements, satisfactions and enjoyments. Once you have your own map, we can target change that correlates with the problems you are seeking to address.

Regular training sessions where you actually wire up to a computer with a sensor and move or impact what is happening on the screen with your mind and attention gradually make changes in how your brain is functioning. Maps taken after some treatment show clear changes, and we also see the person’s symptoms improving.

This is neurofeedback. A systematic science based brain biofeedback that gradually sustainably improves the functioning of the complex system of brain networks – to the benefit of the person who carries those networks around in their head. This is but a short and simple treatment of this incredible therapy. Please contact me if you would like to know more.