Brain Health Program

Brain Health Program

Brain made of hands

“Because it may not all be psychological”


The science behind the health of the brain, like the science about the way the brain works is complex and still evolving.  But there is enough known now to understand some basic truths.  The brain is often under a lot of stress and forced to function without all its (metabolic) needs.  It is quite capable of doing this, sometimes for a long time, but over time, there is a cost.  Most of us don’t really begin to notice the cost for a long time.  By the time you do, there will have been a lot of decline and some significant damage, some repairable and some not.

I have worked with a local Naturapathic Physician –  Ileana Tecchio to develop this program to help you check into your own brain health, well before it is too late and to give you options for regaining the health and function of your brain, and its emotions.  To stabilize and restore its ability to function in your life.


We use a few main diagnostic tools

  • A map of your brain activity derived from an EEG that tells us the outlines of how your brain is functioning
  • A questionnaire that exhaustively surveys your symptoms
  • Select lab work to distinguish among all the symptoms – what it is  that needs the most help and support


Then we give you options

  • Dietary Changes – Short term and long term
  • Self Care
  • Supplements
  • Understanding The Brain You Have

So Gary Siegel produces a brain map that tells you a lot about how your brain is functioning, and something about why, and Ileana Tecchio using the surveys and lab work evaluates a lot about why and then gives you options as to what to do about it.  

This program is quite individualized, and you have many choices along the way as we explain each finding and the possible ways to remediate.  We move slowly and gradually allowing you to adopt changes and give them time to take effect.  And these findings will also be an effective baseline, so that over time you can compare any other testing to see where you are then compared to where you are now.  Contact me for more information, and  you can also read on below for more specifics on how this all works.

For most of us, over the course of time, the brain tends to gradually come under challenges to functioning optimally.  Most of the time we are not aware of this as it is exceedingly good at compensating.

For this reason our brains tend to slowly become more stressed, losing cellular function, (neurons in this case), and in fact slow degradation of both white matter and gray matter.  But because our brain is so deeply interconnected  and resilient, it can function for a very long time as this slow march of decline continues.

The Brain Health Program seeks to both give you a picture of where your brain is in this regard, and give you practical steps to take to at least halt this progression, and in many cases to reverse at least some of it.


How do we determine this?

With a combination of an EEG based Brain Map, Specialized Health Surveys, and Targeted Lab Work.


The Brain Map

The QEEG (Quantitative EEG)can give you a snapshot of your brains health.


A brain map will have several graphics like these:


Mid Wave Predom

Each oval is a head, seen from above (note the ears and nose).  Then each colored circle indicates a site that was recorded (19 total) and  shows the overall level of brain activity at that site.  Finally, this is repeated 5  times, one for each brain wave, (delta, theta, alpha, etc.) showing the level of activity compared to the norm (a normative database).

Your map can be examined for specifics such as:

  • tell you what parts of your brain you are leaning on and which are lagging
  • tell you about your functional tendency towards anxiety or depression
  • tell you about your ability to focus and apply yourself
  • help you make sense of why you have the symptoms you do, like “looking under the hood” to see what’s wrong.

It will also provide an estimate of where you are in what is called the Oxidative Stress Cycle which is one modern measure of the decline that continuous stress places on the brain and much of the body.  With these measures we can quantify it for you and let you know where you are in that negative progression.

You will become familiar with terms like fast oxidizer, slow oxidizer, and or movement towards what is called the exhaustion phase


And we can estimate your overall psychological function onto the below chart that displays mental health issues as a continuum of brain function.  Have a look:




In your report, there will be an X on the horizontal line placing you somewhere between slow, optimal and fast processing



The Surveys and Lab Work


These can zoom in and narrow down the specific issues you have that are driving whatever symptoms we have been found.

The Surveys will help us build on what we found in the brain map and understand the specifics of your own biochemistry and where the issues lie for you.

The lab work (blood work as well as other testing as appropriate) is done selectively to verify what the symptoms suggest.

Dietary and Lifestyle changes, some temporary as well as judicious use of supplements are choices that will be presented to you.  It’s quite customized and at each point along the way, it is like a decision tree where you can try a dietary change and see if it helps, or do more lab work to find out more, or perhaps cut down on stress and allow yourself to recover and retest.




What do we look at?


     The Simpler Issues-

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency, Anemia. Circulation Issues, Oxygenation Issues

                        These are usually of more recent development or more quickly addressed


     Issues in the Middle-

Stress, Blood Sugar, Gluten Sensitivity, Intestinal Permeability, Hormones, Neurotransmitters

These are more likely to have been developing for a while, have more to do with loss of health, or  ongoing oxidative stress,and more likely to take more time to address


     Some of the More Serious Issues –

Neuro Inflammation, Neuro Auto Immune, Loss of Chemical Tolerance, Blood Brain Barrier, Brain Injury.

 When we find these, they are generally of more longstanding, driving more loss of health, and will take longer to address


This section has some more technical information, for those who are interested, but it is presented in a way that should be easily assimilable.

Here is a link to a good article on oxidative stress:


Next an interesting chart that shows neurotransmitters need hormones present to function (and how this differs for women and for men):


And then a chart showing that neurotransmitters depend on a whole series of reactions and at any one of these points the cycle can break down.  Our work is to locate this issue and supply what is needed.



Below a series of flow charts diagramming the relationship between stress and the brain.  There are 6 of them diagrammed and each is in it’s own box –  have a look.




And another set of flow charts – this time describing the relationship between stress and the body. This one has 5 of them diagrammed.


More Diagramatic


The amount of information on these topics is practically endless, and is expanding all the time.  What I want to offer here is a sense of the kinds of things that we are looking at in this program to help you recognize where you are in the cycles of health and compromised health. 

Bringing together the expertise of myself and Ileana Tecchio, and all the information we have assembled, we feel we can help you address these matters that often fly way under the radar. 

Once again, as a therapist, when I realized that people coming to me for therapy may have unobserved issues that are blocking their progress, it became imperative for me to learn more and put this program together.  Beyond that, I hope this information opens your eyes, and let us know if we can help.