From the earliest of my years, I found myself wondering about the world and how it worked…


I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and I continue to study and refine how I can help people.

My areas of service include individual counseling, relationship counseling, and “Brain based therapy,” which involves Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping.

There are many ways to benefit from doing therapy. Part of the process (and success) is the therapist. Other changes manifest as a result of you really taking the time and making the effort to focus on the issues you care deeply about. More often than not, people benefit from therapy because humans have the tendency to come back to themselves and their healthier instincts, if they are given half the chance. We need to work together to maximize that process.

There are different kinds of issues that bring people here – sometimes it is difficulty with emotions, or emotions that aren’t being managed in a comfortable way, which makes life painful. Sometimes it’s more what we do and don’t do in life that isn’t working. Sometimes it’s difficulty in relationships (one of life’s bigger challenges). And it can even be caused by non psychological issues brought on by various health issues that are throwing off the functioning of the brain itself.

I’m here to help with all of those things and more. What are my specialties? I work with adults– and am here to help you with the full range of emotional problems, and especially focus on relationships and how to help repair and revitalize them.

I also specialize in the application of brain science to therapy. This means that I can make a map of your brain function, based on an EEG recording (It’s called a QEEG- Quantitative Electro Encephalogram). With that QEEG or Brain Map, I can talk to you about what’s going on with your brain, how it may be contributing to the issues you are dealing with, and give you various options for ways to use that information. You’ll gain diagnostic clarification to help choose pharmaceutical medication (if you choose to do so), and to train your brain to change its imbalances with the technology of Neurofeedback.

And even without that technology, neuroscience has a lot to say about emotion and emotional function. I have a deep interest in understanding emotion, what it is and how it works. There is a lot of research about the emotions and how they are produced in the brain.


While this will never be the whole picture there is a lot to be said for these emotional networks in our brains. Some of them are much older and more survival oriented and some are newer and more social connection based. Understanding this level of emotional functioning gives a perspective that leads me to understanding that sometimes, our emotions are misfiring – we are not really understanding what to do with powerful signals that are getting set off too easily due to things like habit or unresolved experiences and trauma. This is where I work to bring brain science with a human face into your therapy and deepening understanding of yourself and those in your life. These considerations, married with other general therapy viewpoints have brought me to describe therapy and change like the triangle.

This is a map or a guideline to change and progress that you will see more about on this website and in your therapy if you work with me. Maps are not the territory, but they can be very helpful in illuminating that territory, if you keep that in mind.

I hope that all of this writing makes some sense to you and gives you a good idea of what I am offering. Beyond that, feel free to contact me for more information or to explore getting involved in these therapeutic approaches.

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